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Hi Folks, a warm welcome to my new article on the best gaming mouses available on Amazon. So in this post, we are going to compare the top 3 gaming mice’s and choose the real winner from it. Without wasting any time let’s get started.

Gaming mouses are cursor controller designed with extra power and the easy to use the feature. They are well developed for gaming which gives the best comfort when using it. That’s what makes it different from normal mouse’s. Also, you can see that gaming mouses are with very sexy and hot looking design. Which really the reason why you fall in love with gaming mouses. So hope you got a basic idea on gaming mouses, now let’s get deep into the top 5 gaming mouses comparison on Amazon.


This is the good looking gaming I had ever seen and I like the way it looks. When it comes to the performance, Asus keeps me happy, because they are fucking comfortable. I feel it as smoother and the well-placed buttons are little bit stiffy, what you know when we use it for a long time, it just gets a bit stiffy. I mean it’s taking me to a situation where I felt bad about the buttons. I am just like clicking more than 2 times wherein the place I only want to click ones. This is why because the buttons are extra smooth. Except this, that’s a great experience with this mouse. And the happiest part is that this one is available in both wireless and wired. That sounds good, right?

If you want to know more about the technical session of this Asus gaming mouse,have a  look at the quick features table below.


Here comes the real battle, before comparing it with the other brands on the segment. Let me tell you one thing. I am big of the Logitech products, just because they are unique from their competitors. The way they look is insane and lovely. I can say that Logitech Mouses are the hottest mouses I have ever seen in my life. And this is not just the fanboy review, let me give you the real review of these mice. As I mentioned above, this also gives you a GOD level performance. But what you know I also felt bad with this one too. It was one of my primary mouses and I used to play games a lot. I felt a little bit of heat coming to my hand, yeah I think it’s because of the RGB which was fully customized by me. And it’s not that too heat, slight hotness on the mouse. For me, it’s not the that big problem some may find it as a negative, so I just want to let you know about this issue. And If the case is the same with you I suggest you go with this king.


If you are related to gaming the name Razor was enough to understand everything about this mouses. But does the brand name matters in 2019? And does it gives you value for money? Let’s talk about it the later on this review. So let me gives you the review of this razor ouroboros mice. What makes this mouse different from their competitors is the “buttons”.This gaming beast is with 11 buttons which are with many many features that the other mouse doesn’t give. We can say that here razor won the game. Isn’t it? No one can say no to features that make our gaming experience cooler. And this mouse takes care to optimize the heat from the lights and kinds of stuff.And I didn’t feel that hotness which I felt in the LOGITECH G502. And when it comes to the performance, no compromise there, really razor done it’s best with this guy. You can simply buy this one by closing your eyes.

Best Gaming Mouse 2019 On Amazon – Conclusion

It’s a little bit difficult to choose the real winner among these mouses. All brands are well known and their products are rated good, but when we comparing the performance, all the mouses above performs well almost equally. So let’s choose the winner by taking VFM as the deciding factor. Which mouse gives you good performance with the money you spend. So the real champion hereby is the Logitech G502. I am not showing the fannism here but talking about the truth. You guys just value it or not. This less than $50 mouse gives you the same performance with the 150$ mouses.Is that the game-changing factor. Here Logitech gives you the value for money. And the other factor may depend on your personal preference. Hope this article really helps you to find the best gaming mouse for your pc setup. So which one you are going to buy? Comment Below and Why Choose It? Have Some Fun In The Comment Boxes.

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