Top 5 & Best WordPress Plugins – Must Use WP Plugins For Beginners

Hey there, today we are going to discuss the top 5 WordPress plugin which really makes our website into a professional one. So here in this article, we are going t list our the bests WordPress plugin that everyone wants to use on their wp website. All the plugin listed is with a proper purpose and the best in the field. Let’s Get Started 

Ooh, Wait, if you are new to blogging and WordPress, don’t worry let me give you an idea on what is WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins are an extension or something that add or gives us additional features to our website. That may be in the form of additional customization option, additional value options, additional fields and like that. In short WordPress Plugins Is Nothing But An Set Of Programs Which Adds More To The WordPress Dashboard.

Best WordPress Plugins 2019 – List

Hope you got what WordPress plugins are, so without further delay let’s get deep into the best and useful plugins for WordPress.

#1 Yoast SEO

First of all, I am just giving the priority to the Search, what I mean here is SEO. Everyone needs to get their website on Google search results, am I right ?. I think so, and here Yoast SEO makes it easy to Optimize your WordPress website for SEO. When talking about Yoast, It is the most used and rated WordPress SEO plugin and it is the best in the field. Yoast comes with a free version which is enough for your SEO game. And with the premium version, you can unlock many other SEO features which actually helps you to rank high on SERP. Yoast needs to be the must use the plugin for WordPress.Hope you are impressed with Yoast SEO and now let’s move to the second one.

#2 Thrive Architect

Did you ever thought “that is a WordPress site and what they are using it, doesn’t look like a blog”?Yeah, you had been seen many websites which actually using a simple and customizing it to another level. Thrive Themes take your WordPress customization to another level. Really this bad boy plugin is one of my favourite wp plugins. This one is a  paid plugin but it worth the money. And there also some good alternatives to thrive, Architect, they are elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer etc… Every WordPress site needs a customization plugin and this is the reason why chosen thrive Architect as the second most wanted WordPress plugin. Now it’s time for the third one.

#3 WP Rocket 

This one is a premium plugin, but it gives the best value for money. Oh sorry, at first I need to give an idea about this plugin for the beginners. Cool, I think you can predict it by reading the name of this plugin. Rocket? Yeah, this plugin plays an important role in speeding up our website.WP rocket is the best cache plugin for WordPress which also comes with many speed boosting features like one compression and minification. This can really help you to make your site load faster. That’s it for WP Rocket. If you are looking for free alternative for this plugin, you can go for WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache. All of these plugin performing well and you have to do some configuration. So what next let’s move on…

#4 WP Sweep

As a  WordPress beginner, there is a chance for installing and changing too many themes and plugins. And also creating and deleting posts. All these files stored in our database as a junk file and these can affect our website performance. Here comes the easy solution. The plugin called WP Sweep permanently wipes all the junk file in our WP database, which results in load time. If our database is oversized it will make our site load slow and by using WP Sweep, we can simply sweep all the data with one click and there you go. And they also help us to choose a custom folder, such as which one to clean, like posts or themes or plugins data, etc…This plugin is worth installing and it’s completely free.

#5 Social Warfare

Do social shares effect our ranking? The answer is yes. So how to get social shares easily? That’s the next question, right? The answer is Social Warfare, This is a social media sharing plugin which allows your visitors to share your article with one click. This is so simple and customizable. And this one is a paid one and it comes with plenty of features and customization options such as where to display and in what order and in what shape the icons to be there etc…If you are not interested to spend your money on a social sharing plugin, still there are some free and good social sharing plugins Just Google about that. So that’s it for today, these are the best and top 5 WordPress plugin and beginner must need.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins – Conclusion

Hope this article really helped and I suggest you try each of them and share your feedback in the comment section below. And what’s your favorite plugin and did I miss any important WordPress plugins? Let me know in the comments. So that’s it guys, thank you for visiting, see you later…

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